Outdoor Lighting Powered by the Sun

Solartechniq lights can work for you when electricity doesn’t

Do you want to install outdoor lighting in a location where electricity connection is unavailable, expensive or difficult to connect? Solartechniq solutions are easily installed in any circumstance without the cost or hassle of electricians, trench digging or concreting.

Solartechniq lights give you same day lighting

Designed for simple, fast installation, Solartechniq solutions can go into the ground and start providing you with lighting on the same day you receive them.

Solartechniq lights cost you nothing to run

With electricity prices set to soar over the next few years, the cost of keeping your property safely lit is a serious expense to consider. Solartechniq lights, like all quality solar products, cost nothing to run. That means once you have purchased them they start paying their own way.

Solartechniq lights are built to last

Buying cheap solar lights may seem like a good idea in the short term but inferior quality products means a shorter life span. So you may end up throwing your inexpensive products into landfill and outlaying more to replace them. Solartechniq lights are some of the highest quality lights available which is why we offer a 5 year warranty on battery and luminaire. Any other warranties on the housing for the light etc.? LED life is 50000 hours, nominally at least 10 years All other components have a design life of 20+ years

Solartechniq lights give you an extra long battery charge.

While other products on the market expect batteries to last 3-5 days, solartechniq solutions incorporate design and technology to enable battery charge that can support 20+ nights lighting. So your light keeps on working even over the dullest winter months.

Solartechniq lights put you in control

Solartechniq solutions are highly programmeable so you decide when you want them to turn on and off and only put them to work when you need them. Solartechniq solutions for every outdoor lighting circumstance With a huge range of components suitable for everything domestic driveways, gardens, car parks and building surrounds to commercial/ industrial settings, farm areas and ménages. No matter what your circumstance you will find a Solartechniq solution to suit.

Contact Solartechniq today

Confused about the right product for you? Simply contact us and we will be happy to give you our professional advice.

Solartechniq products give you extra environmental credibility

  • highly efficient solar panel incorporating LDK solar cells with 25 year life
  • advanced lead acid and alternative battery technologies in a large range of configurations to provided long charged and operating life.
  • poles and other components made from easily recyclable steel
  • LM6 aluminium componnets for marine environments.
  • galvanized and powder coated to provide extreme protection from environmental wear and tear
  • long life recyclable non-toxic LEDs √ Solartechniq will take back and dispose of the battery when it has completed its life. (Safely recycle battery components)
  • Zero electricity consumption and zero operating carbon footprint